Google Analytics Tutorial 4: Working With Goals

Ian Lurie Mar 2 2007

Never let it be said that I don’t observe & adjust!

Almost 100% of those who’ve contacted me since I started doing these has asked for a presentation on using goals.

This is my first crack at it. In this video, I review:

  1. What a goal really is.
  2. Different kinds of goals.
  3. How to set up basic goal tracking.
  4. How to read goal tracking data.

Update: Here’s the video in Flash format:

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Or, watch it at full size (956 pixels wide), in Quicktime format:

Google Analytics Tutorial 4

If this is too elementary, or too complex, or you have any other feedback, please leave a comment. If everyone likes this, my next session will drill deeper into goals and goal tracking.

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  1. Aragorn


    That was a very good tutorial. I never knew GA had this much features. Thanks a lot

  2. Thank you for the good tutorial. It was very helpful. I also want to understand more about the index of all pages and also if there is any way in which we can track loyal visitors to the website.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Marco


    Your Tutorial has been very helpful, i’ve been searching for something like this to enlighten me.
    Just have a doubt though, when we have several languages, how can we do a single goal.
    Thanks for your help

  4. ian


    Hi Marco,
    I’d suggest setting up distinct profiles (reports) in Google Analytics and setting up separate goals for each language.

  5. Rick


    I want to know how to track the effectiveness of different initial landing pages toward reaching my goal page. Does landing page A or landing page B lead to a higher conversion rate? How do I do this in Analytics?

  6. Todd


    Thanks for the great tutorial. Do you know how I can delete an old goal and then start a new one?

  7. ian


    When I need to, I just replace the old one with a new goal. That does the trick.

  8. Nate


    What if you are trying to track email opt-in’s but don’t have a “thank you” page? Can I use the URL of my 3rd party email provider? Or, will this not work?

  9. ian


    Hi Nate,
    Chances are you can specify a thank you page on your site, via your 3rd-party provider. That’s the easiest way to handle it.
    Otherwise, you can set a javascript that fires when someone clicks ‘submit’ in your email opt-in form. In the Google Analytics help, search for ‘how do I track Javascript Events?’.

  10. Sally


    H Ian, thanks for this, I had seen the options for “goals” but I really wasn’t sure what they were or how to set one up, it’s a great way to track how well a page is performing for a specific task, Sally :)

  11. Sally


    Hey Ian, woohoo, I made it to the end, do I get a certificate for my new google analytics semi expert status? Ha ha. Thank you for taking the time to create such great tutorials, you provided true value for free, signed up to your feed so I dont miss any more of your future posts. Sally :)

  12. Ian


    If you can do goals you should get Google Analytics Expert status! Seriously, you’re now in the top 1% of GA people. Congrats!

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