Google Analytics Tutorials: All Together

Ian Lurie Jul 16 2007

The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics

Purely for organizational purposes, I’ve pulled all the tutorials together in one place:
Install Google Analytics Site Search in 5 Steps

Analyze Internal Search Data With Google Analytics – Now superseded by the tutorial above.

Data discovery with Google Analytics 2.0
Google Analytics Tutorial 1: Setting Up
Google Analytics Tutorial 2: Essential Stats
Google Analytics Tutorial 3: Digging Deeper
Google Analytics Tutorial 4: Goals
Google Analytics Tutorial 5: Search Analytics
Google Analytics Tutorial 6: Visitor Segmentation

I’ll update this page as I do more tutorials.

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  1. Kimberly


    Nice! I’ll run off and bookmark this page….. thanks!

  2. Ted


    Thanks for the linkingease!
    This is definitely a deal we should all take advantage of. The price is right!

  3. Rick


    It’s nice that Google Analytics offers over 75 reports, each of which is customizable to some extent. The new dashboard-style views are easier to navigate.

  4. Carlos


    This site is going straight to the bookmarks. Thanks for all the information!!

  5. Michelle Amos

    Michelle Amos

    Google Adsense is taking over as far as online advertising. If you run a site that recieves a decent amount of hits, you cannot go wrong by incorporatiing Adsense into your business model. There are a few things however that you need to be aware of when running an adsense equipped site. First and foremost, Google is very strict with what type of content they will allow you to use their service on. Adult content and gambling is prohibited. They have many other guidlines and you should familiarize yourself with their Terms and Conditions before attempting to add them to your site.

  6. Thanks for this great piece of information. I am using Google analytics for quite some time. A tutorial for this will certainly help me to explore more of it. Thanks..

  7. Great stuff
    I will keep this .. thank you

  8. William Alvarez

    William Alvarez

    What about the new interface of Google Analytics? I saw many things in this tutorial that are not present anymore in the current version.

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