Google Website Optimizer Now Available

Ian Lurie Apr 6 2007

Google has taken their Website Optimizer out of beta. Or at least, they’ve made it available to everyone.

At its simplest, Website Optimizer helps you test and measure different web page headlines, graphics, copy, etc. against each other.

Here’s a quick overview:

Say you’re wondering whether one headline will generate more leads than another. You’re also wondering whether a small change to on-page copy will make a difference.

Normally, you’d have to build four pages, one for each combination of headline and copy. With Website Optimizer, though, you can put a small script in your page. Then Google will automatically generate all of the possible combinations:

Web Optimizer: Original Website Optimizer: Variation 1 Website Optimizer: Variation 2 Website Optimizer: Variation 3

Website Optimizer rotates through the possibilities randomly, for a fairly even distribution. It generates a report showing you which ‘recipe’ has the best chance of beating the original:

Website Optimizer: Report

Voila. You can make a far more informed decision as to which page is your best selling tool.

You’ll need an Adwords and Google Analytics account to use the Website Optimizer.

To use it, you’ll want to have some expertise in HTML – just enough to cut and paste without causing a disaster. It took me about 30 minutes to set up and start an experiment.

I’ll be doing a video tutorial or three on this subject shortly.

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  1. Video tutorial you say? Thank goodness…

  2. We’ve created a bunch of resources for people who want to get started including an interview with Google’s Tom Leung, a wordpress plugin, a quick start guide, a webinar, and a bunch of tips to boost your testing and conversion at

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