Google’s (not provided): A potential solution

Ian Lurie Jan 4 2012

If you’re in the SEO world, you’ve heard a lot about the ‘not provided’ statistic: Google is now hiding the key phrases logged-in Google users enter to find your site. So, if you go into Google Analytics (or any other analytics software), you’ll see something like this:

not provided result in Google Analytics

No more keyword data for you!

Instead of a full keyword report, you get a partial report that hides a lot of data in the (not provided) item. In our case, 25% of our referring keyword data is now gone. Poof.

Google suggests that we use their Google Webmaster Tools query report. So, I’ve been working exactly how we might get useful data from that report. One technique shows some promise. You can read the whole formula, and the pluses and minuses, on Conversation Marketing.

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