Introducing Pythia: Social Analytics

Ian Lurie Jul 2 2007

We’ve just launched a free social media analytics tool. It’s called Pythia.

The free version of Pythia measures your marketing campaigns based on several metrics:

  • Links pointing to your site, according to Yahoo!.
  • Pages from your site in the Yahoo! index.
  • Links pointing to your site, according to Technorati.
  • Posts mentioning your site, according to
  • And mentions of your site on Bloglines.
  • Changes in all of these metrics, over time.

The paid version also adds:

  • Site ranking for specific keywords.
  • Changes in rankings over time.

Pythia doesn’t re-invent anything, nor is it revolutionary in the data it collects. It is, however, a great dashboard, and one of a very small handful of tools that collect and save these metrics so that you can see changes over time.

I’m very excited about this tool. I could prattle on, but instead, I’ll let you see a sample report page and say ‘go try it’. I invite any feedback you’ve got.

Here’s what it looks like:

Pythia Screencap

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  1. Ian-
    Are u giving out any one month free accounts?
    What I had to ask…..

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