Math Rocks

Ian Lurie Jan 15 2006

Business Week has a new article about the growing power of mathematics in our lives. In Internet Marketing math has been essential for some time. As more and more consumers move online, we can construct increasingly accurate models of behavior, and mathematics play a bigger and bigger role in our lives.

The real story, though, is how math, analytics and creative can come together to model great marketing communications.

Smart, ethical marketers can combine aggregated data and mathematics to create truly satisfying experiences.

I’m sitting in my den right now, watching my kids watch Calliou. Calliou is a cartoon about a little boy and the adventures he goes through as he grows up. If you’re a parent, then you’ve seen the show 1,000 times; if not, this is all you need to know. The hidden story, though, is the careful research and analysis that went into designing this show and others, such as Blue’s Clues. Education professionals observe children as they learn and respond – the terms, phrases and response times are all used to create fun, smart shows that teach and entertain.

I’m not just rambling – Calliou and Blue’s Clues present compelling uses of analysis to drive creative.

Great creative is pretty. Great math is elegant. Great analytics can be informative. Bring them together and you create experiences that are good for your audience and your business.

You can read the article here.

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