New Hootsuite Analytics Reporting: First look

Ian Lurie Mar 9 2011

Hootsuite just launched a new analytics tool, and it’s pretty slick. It doesn’t do anything new, but it integrates Hootsuite, Google Analytics and other data in a really elegant, white-label-able interface.

Cool features include:

  • Nice PDF report export;
  • Basic branding: Put in your logo, contact info;
  • Track Google Analytics against retweets;
  • Track Facebook likes/unlikes all on one page;
  • ‘Quick analytics’ looks at clicks on traffic, Facebook response, Google Analytics data (these aren’t new, but they’re easier to find).

It’s simple, elegant and easy to use. Here’s a quick report I set up. I haven’t used much, so you’ll have to use your imagination a bit:

hootsuite report
tags : conversation marketing


  1. Danny


    Do you think this would be a good tool for a reseller?
    Do you know if the domain URL can be customized for a true white labeled application?

  2. Ian


    @Danny This isn’t really a reseller tool. It’s an analytics tool that lets you export reports. You can send the reports to clients, but it’s not something you’d share directly via the web.

  3. Name


    What’s frustrating is that Sprout Social has AMAZING analytics. They give so much more information and allow you to make comparisons against competitors. But HootSuite has less bugs, so I switched and now I wish I had more analytic options. When are they going to come out with better analytic tools? They could learn from Sprout

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