New ebook: The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics

Ian Lurie Oct 8 2010

fat free ebook
I just finished writing The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics. You should buy it. Now would be good.

It’s chock-full of analytical goodness, including info on:

  • Calculating the value of one visitor to your web site;
  • Setting up goals in Google Analytics;
  • Interpreting analytics data.

I worked hard to make this a super-practical, easy-to-apply Google Analytics guide for marketers and other non-propellerheads.

I’m not that good at bragging, but before this I wrote:

  • Half of The Web Marketing All In One Desk Reference for Dummies, including the sections on SEO and analytics (3 other authors wrote the other half)
  • Conversation Marketing, the book
  • The Fat-Free Guide to SEO Copywriting
  • The Unfun Parent
  • The Google Analytics Cheatsheet (now at 25,000 downloads)
  • Plus, of course, this blog

So I’ve been to this barbecue before. If you’ve enjoyed my other work, the Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics should be well worth it.

A promise: If you hate the book, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll refund you the purchase price.

Buy now!

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  1. Dee


    Nice ebook, very informative. I wish there were more graphics though (and color)
    I’d also like to see more instruction on the technical implementation side (especially help with JavaScript tagging)
    All in all, it’s a great value. Good job, Ian!

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