New Google Analytics Announced

Ian Lurie Oct 16 2007

Google has announced a new version of Google Analytics. They’ll be rolling out the new features over the next several weeks, and they sound great:

  • Tracking for outgoing clicks without tagging. Until now, you’ve had to hand-tag links away from your site if you wanted to track clicks on those links. Not any more.
  • Rich media and AJAX analytics. I’m not 100% sure how they’ll do this, so I’ll withhold judgment until I see it in action.
  • Integrated site search tracking. Remember this long tutorial I did? You won’t need it any more. Sniff.

There will be bumps in the road as they roll out this new stuff. You’ll need to swap out the old javascript tracking code for a new one, for one thing. But some of these features are major, major enhancements.

I’ll keep you posted, and of course post new tutorials as the new features roll out.

tags : conversation marketing