New Google Analytics Features Rolling Out

Ian Lurie Dec 12 2007

Google Analytics is getting ready to roll out some cool new stuff. Looks like they’ve started. I went in to check the stats for my blog, and can now compare two metrics:
This kind of comparison is very valuable. With it, you can check to see if, say, pageviews/visit remain stable with visits increase. If they stay stable, then visitor quality is pretty solid. If pageviews per visit plunge as daily visitors rise, you’re attracting the wrong visitors:
Even snazzier: You can compare data for a single traffic source, segment or event type to data for the entire site:
This kind of at-a-glance comparison can help you see if specific marketing vehicles are outperforming your overall campaign.
I’m sure more stuff is on the way, probably very soon. Check the Google Analytics Blog in the next day or so. I’ll keep digging and post more as I see it, too.

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  1. New Features in Google Analytics

    Google’s releasing some nifty new features for Google Analytics. Looks like the first is a metrics comparison tool that lets you compare multiple metrics in a graph.

  2. Wow, I just started a blog and now there is even more for me to learn!
    God bless,
    Isaiah 40:31

  3. Ya know, I’m happy for all these upgrades, but one huge change that I’ve been wanting them to make is still not there.
    When you view conversions by traffic source, currently all they give you is a conversion percentage. I’d love to see a hard number of conversions for each traffic source instead of having to do math manually/make excel formulas to figure it out.

  4. If you set up “e commerce” instead of “goals” you can see the actual number of conversions/dollar amount etc for each traffic source

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