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23 Sep, 2011

SEO/social reporting with Google Spreadsheets

By Ian Lurie

I was sure I’d get crushed by a falling NASA satellite today. It didn’t happen, but it was very motivating. I completed my legacy to the marketing world: A Google Spreadsheet that automatically grabs everything from Linkscape data to Google Analytics numbers to Twitter follower counts. It’s purty: More important, I’ve provided a link to… Read More

seo-balanced-month Analytics

7 Sep, 2011

SEO statistics: Predicting traffic growth

By Ian Lurie

Prospective clients always want to know: What kind of impact will SEO have? How much traffic will I get? I’m an empirical guy. I want to give an answer. But based on what? Well, I did some serious digging into traffic patterns over time across 200 Portent clients, and I have some answers. Warning: This… Read More

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Objects collection: Stethoscope Analytics

12 Aug, 2011

Google analytics video: Diagnosing lost SEO keywords

By Ian Lurie

Since I ranted about internet marketing training yesterday, I thought I’d post a video I just did for the team. This one’s a really quick look at Google Analytics, and how to do a fast analysis of lost organic search traffic: Quickly find and diagnose lost keyword-specific traffic in Google Analytics. I never build these… Read More


24 Jun, 2011

Advanced Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

By Matt Gratt

Update! We’ve got a new and improved version of the Cheat Sheet for 2015! Google Analytics is Hard Google Analytics is tricky. There are cookies, utm_codes, and lots of counterintuitive definitions. As Kanye West would say, “It’s enough to drive a sane man biz-erk.” Can’t Someone Put This All in One Place? When I was… Read More


23 Jun, 2011

10 kick-ass features in Google Analytics v5

By Ian Lurie

It’s no secret I’m a Google Analytics fan. But Google Analytics version 5, coming soon to a browser near you, addresses some major shortcomings. Here are ten features you’ll want to check out, the moment they’re available: 1: Multi-touch attribution Important note: This is a separate beta and is rolling out on its own. So… Read More

ian-tame-analytics Analytics

15 Jun, 2011

Tame Google Analytics on AppSumo Today

By Portent Staff

Yep, today only, Ian’s Tame Google Analytics ebook is on AppSumo for just $10. That’s a 41% savings! What You Get Buy this e-book and learn how to: Set up Google Analytics Define business goals Set up tracking for those goals in Google Analytics Calculate the $ value of one visitor to your web site… Read More


28 Apr, 2011

Linkscape + Google Spreadsheets. Together, at last.

By Ian Lurie

First, a brief interlude: AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHH OK. I’m good now. Primal scream complete. The documentation for Google App Scripts is… less than perfect. So I have to start by thanking Tom Critchlow of Distilled. He sent me the initial script that made Google Spreadsheets play well with the LinkScape API. Otherwise, I’d be in a small,… Read More

google devs Analytics

8 Apr, 2011

Google Apps Script Tip #1: Finding the last row

By Ian Lurie

I’ve been building some custom reports for Portent in Google Spreadsheets. They do fun stuff like grab Google Analytics data, insert data from other APIs and such. One thing that nearly drove me batty, though, was figuring out how to automatically add a new row below the last row with data. Turns out, Google App… Read More


9 Mar, 2011

New Hootsuite Analytics Reporting: First look

By Ian Lurie

Hootsuite just launched a new analytics tool, and it’s pretty slick. It doesn’t do anything new, but it integrates Hootsuite, Google Analytics and other data in a really elegant, white-label-able interface. Cool features include: Nice PDF report export; Basic branding: Put in your logo, contact info; Track Google Analytics against retweets; Track Facebook likes/unlikes all… Read More


2 Mar, 2011

The perfect internet marketing dashboard

By Ian Lurie

I want the perfect marketing dashboard. But I can never seem to find it. Here’s what it needs to look like: Why is that so hard? If I’m missing something, let me know.


11 Feb, 2011

Studying for the Google Analytics IQ Exam

By Michael Wiegand

I cannot lie – The prospect of taking the Google Analytics Certification Test intimidated me. I know my way around Google Analytics well. I counsel clients. But Google has this way of concocting test questions that are just odd enough to make you question your answers. Would there be lots of questions on the code… Read More


21 Jan, 2011

Sorry, but your charts are ugly

By Ian Lurie

I once got fired for improving sales 300%. I showed a client a report. It was awesome and I was dang proud of the results. The report read like this: Sales from organic search last year were $50,000. Sales from organic search this year were $150,000. Sales from PPC last year were $60,000, against a… Read More


20 Jan, 2011

Lessons in Twitter community building, by Kevin Hillstrom

By Ian Lurie

Kevin Hillstrom is my analytical idol. So, when I bought a copy of his e-book, Twitter Hashtag Analysis a few weeks back, I was mostly looking for hashtag analysis techniques. But I got a huge bonus: This great e-book is a blueprint for Twitter community building. Hillstrom based his e-book on analysis of activity in… Read More


17 Nov, 2010

Advanced Segment Tutorial #1 – Keyword Groups

By Michael Wiegand

I’m Michael Wiegand, resident Analytics nerd at Portent. Let’s be honest: With a slew of new Google Analytics features being launched every 6-12 months, it can make your head spin just keeping up, let alone finding a practical application for them. In this monthly series, I’ll tackle making sense of one of the more powerful… Read More

inpage analytics Analytics

12 Nov, 2010

Why Google’s new in-page analytics sorta sucks: A video

By Ian Lurie

I lie at the beginning of this video. I say that there are some things I love about Google Analytics’ new ‘in-page analytics’ feature. Truth is, I hate it. You know I’m a fan of all things Google Analytics, but man, this one stinks up the joint like a rotting pig carcass. Watch the video… Read More