Search Analytics: My SEMPDX Presentation

Ian Lurie Mar 11 2008

Here’s the slides from my SEMPDX Presentation, ‘Search Marketing Analytics’, for those who needed them:

What I Talked About

It was a 10-minute presentation, with a few very basic points:

  1. Reports do not equal analytics. Analytics mean you did the work of analysis.
  2. At a minimum, you want to have the following data: Referring keywords; pageviews per visit, by keyword; time on site, by keyword; bounce rate, by keyword; if possible, conversion rate by keyword.
  3. Look at all of these statistics together. Looking just at pageviews or bounce rate can lead to snap judgments.
  4. If you can, compare external referring search terms to search terms entered into your site search. You can learn a lot in that comparison.

Thanks to SEMPDX for inviting me. It was a blast!

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  1. Ian –
    Thanks again for presenting at SearchFest! I think our session was a success thanks to you, Stoney and Aaron. I’ll see you at the next conference. SMX Social perhaps?

  2. Ian


    Hopefully yes. I’m headed to SES to be a booth babe next week…
    Thanks for inviting me to present. It really was a great, great conference.

  3. holly


    How can I get on the SEMPDX guest list.

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