Speaking at SEMPDX HotSeat Tomorrow – Come Heckle

Ian Lurie Nov 10 2008

chatting smallI’m speaking at the SEMPDX Hotseat tomorrow night at 6:30. The topic: Web Analytics – Do you know what you’re looking at?
More important, my co-panelist is Eric Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified fame.
I will have just driven for 4 hours.
He will have just driven for 10 minutes.
Come see just how looped I can get on caffeine while driving the I-5 corridor. It’s worth it…

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  1. Hi Ian,
    Great presentation yesterday! Really did learn a good deal I didn’t know about Google Analytics, specifically the advanced segmentation stuff.
    I do have a quick question for you: both you and Eric said there was an excellent Google Analytics validation tool out there. It was from a site that I THINK started with an ‘E’..? Anyway, I can’t remember the site you both recommended and was wondering if you could reply with that website.
    Thanks again

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