Page Views Live! I’ll Bet You Lunch.

Ian Lurie Jul 9 2007

lunchHey Steve: Page views still have value. I’ll bet you lunch on it.

Steve Rubel just posted ‘The Page View Is Officially Dead‘, based on the news that Nielsen NetRatings will no longer use page views as a metric.

Total time on site is a far better measure of attention. Or is it?

A lousy navigation system may lead to more time spent on a site. So might slow site performance. Or someone heading to lunch and leaving their browser window open.

Keep pageviews around. You’re going to need them.

So Steve, here’s my challenge: Pick a campaign. Let me choose a place to promote it – an online advertising venue – using pageviews and time on page together. You go ahead and use time on site to choose another. Let’s see who’s campaign generates more sales/leads/goals.

If I lose, I’ll buy you lunch, even long distance. If I win, you buy me lunch. What do you say?

tags : conversation marketing