The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

Ian Lurie Dec 9 2007

SEO and Social Media support each other: Higher rankings mean more visitors and more bloggers writing about you. More bloggers writing about you translates to more links, which in turn improve your rankings.

It’s easy to say, but hard to prove. The next time your boss/client is asking you why they should spend any time on social media (or SEO), show them this:

In early June we began an intensive social media campaign for a client: We sent their product to key bloggers, linked to them, and started a paid search campaign that actually focused on that audience.

We started on June 7th. By June 22nd, we started seeing results in Technorati. This graph shows the number of blogs linking to our client’s site:
Incoming links spike by 250%

Then, about six weeks later, we saw a nice spike in rankings. These graphs show the number of search phrases for which the client ranked in the top 5 and top 10:
SEO rankings spike 6 weeks later

The number of first-page rankings jumped nearly 100%. The client site was highly optimized – it had been for over a year. So that didn’t cause the sudden jump.

Social media boosts SEO. Count on it, and make it part of your strategy. It’s worth doing.

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  1. This is very interesting… for which website did you test this? and what was the duration of the research??

  2. Ian


    Hi Moksh,
    I’m afraid I can’t say what site. However, the research is ongoing and started in early June 2007.

  3. Ian


    Ian, (nice name by the way!) I am new to this industry and I’ve read a few of your articles and I must say they are well written and easy to digest. Hopefully I can learn enough to make a living from internet marketing (freelance I mean, not for the company I currently work for).
    Thanks for putting out such great information.
    Ian N.

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