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Ian Lurie Feb 25 2007

I’m supposed to be recording my next Google Analytics Tutorial today. However, reality intervened:

  1. My wife went out of town for 8 days (Mexico) with friends.
  2. 6 hours after I waved goodbye, both kids came down with the flu.
  3. They then gave it to me.
  4. My wife got home last night after 8 days of sun ‘n fun.
  5. Both kids are better, thank you very much.
  6. I have no voice. Well, actually, I have a voice, but I sound like Kathleen Turner, which is a neat trick for a somewhat pudgy 38-year-old man.

So no tutorial today. Instead, I’ve created this new section, where I’ll be collecting tutorials and seminars I’ve done in the past:

New: Data discovery with Google Analytics 2.0
Google Analytics Tutorial 1: Setting Up
Google Analytics Tutorial 2: Essential Stats
Google Analytics Tutorial 3: Digging Deeper
Google Analytics Tutorial 4: Goals
Google Analytics Tutorial 5: Search Analytics
Google Analytics Tutorial 6: Visitor Segmentation
Conversation Marketing Seminar, 9/28/2006

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  1. Darryl Bray

    Darryl Bray

    Sorry to here your not feeling well.
    Just letting you know that your Google Analytics Tutorials are excellent. However, is there any chance you could include more information on interpreting and applying the information contained in the various reports. It’s one thing to produce the reports, but its another thing to interpret and apply the information. Explaining “how to use” the information to improve a website would be of great value.
    Looking forward to your next tutorial.
    Get well soon.

  2. Is it possible for you to teach with new google analytics interface

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