Use Analytics To Adjust Your Site: An Example

Ian Lurie Mar 10 2007

man straightening tie
The amount of time folks spend on a page may tell you something’s wrong.

So, why does this video have an average view time of 1:30, when the others all average 4 minutes or more?

I’m guessing three possible reasons:

  1. I don’t have a large-size, downloadable video available for download. So, I’m going to replace the smaller video with a larger quicktime version.
  2. The concept of goal tracking is far more complex, and I may have done a lousy job of explaining it. I’m going to do an additional, supplemental video on the subject shortly.
  3. People may just not care as much about goal tracking as I though. I can’t do much about that, so I’ll stick with the first two.

I’ll let you know how the changes work out…

tags : conversation marketing