Web Analytics Webinar Today (it’s free)

Ian Lurie Dec 5 2008

I’ll be presenting a webinar today:
Transforming Google Analytics Into Business Analytics
When: Tuesday, December 9, 12 PM PST (that’s today)
Where: Here, on the web, silly
The focus: Making actual, real-life use of Google Analytics to grow your business. No fancy shtuff like advanced segments. I’ll talk about:

  • Data overload and how to avoid it
  • The 3 factors you really need to track: Profit, Growth and Pipeline
  • The system you need to make it work: Configure, Track, Apply
  • How to use click value calculation to simplify it all.
  • Real-world examples.

Note: This is not a Google Analytics training webinar. It’s a business analytics webinar. So I won’t be going over setting up e-commerce tracking or other tech stuff. This one’s for the analysts and marketers out there.
I’ll also have Q&A at the end.
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  1. Eric


    Hi Ian,
    I was wondering if you knew where the archived version of this webinar is being hosted? I attended and got a lot of good information from it. However, I wanted to send this to my manager as well.

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