Lean Content for B2B

Ian Lurie Oct 4 2017

Here are the slides and links from my Marketing Profs B2B Summit talk today. I talked about content for teams of one, or just a few, or big teams that just don’t have enough resources.

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AnswerThePublic provides content ideas
Atom.io is the best text editor ever
Canva helps with graphics creation
Grammarly is a decent quick proofreading tool
Hemingway helps make your content more brief
iStockPhoto provides stock images (if you must)
Markdown syntax guide
Snagit is my favorite screen capture tool


  1. “SEO Content” RAWRRRR – made me chuckle!

    Seriously though, I think you hit the nail on the head with how few writers actually stick to a calendar/schedule – 11%??

    I started as a writer back in the day, and the major skill I was able to bring was not literacy or being able to articulate in words, but the fact I was disciplined and stuck to a timetable made a huge difference.

    Aligning content with the business and strategy is essential, as is usability, but generating the creative juice to deliver is a major challenge, especially at scale.



    • Ian Lurie

      Ian Lurie

      I find a lot of that is flexibility, too. That’s why I’m not a big fan of calendars so much as structure.

      Thanks Karl!

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