20 Copywriting Disasters: Webinar Slides, Video

Ian Lurie Aug 15 2014

Last week I talked about the 20 biggest copywriting disasters I’ve suffered, and how to avoid them. Well, I never actually experienced some of the disasters I talked about — they were so over the top I don’t see how they even happened — but most of them come from painful, personal experience.

Here are the slides and the video:

I was going to post the transcript, but it was 10,000 words. If folks want it, you can find it here.

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  1. So is the spelling error (or is it just an improperly used word) on slide 11 (“They’ve inevitable.”) an example of a copywriting error, or is it a humorously intentional “mistake”?

    • Uhhhh, YEAH, I did it on PURPOSE. YES. THAT’S EXACTLY IT. Nice catch!

  2. Really nice job on this, Ian. Inspirational, even.

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