I’m renaming the seo copywriting ebook

Ian Lurie Apr 19 2009

Just a forewarning: I’m renaming my SEO Copywriting eBook this week to The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting.
As I launch new ebooks, they’ll be called the Fat Free Guide, too. See, I’m branding! Clever, huh?
Also, I’m now offering the ebook in cooperation with Mike Corso and Cool Site of the Day. Mike is an all-around great guy, and a far better salesman than I, as evidenced by the fact that he’s sold more copies of the book in 2 weeks than I have since 2008. Sigh.
So, from now on, you can buy the book from Cool Sites, here.

PS: The checkout and download process is a little wonky right now. We’re aware that it asks for your e-mail address about 999 times. We’re working on fixing it. For now, if you choose the ‘no thanks’ or ‘just download’ option you’ll get through. Rest assured I’m not trying to spam you.

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  1. diane


    LOL! That’s why I don’t freelance full-time — can’t sell myself worth a durn; would have to hire an agent.
    The book looks very pretty. If I didn’t already have a copy, I’d buy it again!

  2. I am a massive believer in branding so I absolutely love what you are doing with these ebooks! Best of luck!

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