SEO Copywriting E-Book: The Unscary, Real-World Guide

Ian Lurie Nov 18 2008

SEO still lives and dies based on good copywriting. If you’re going to move up in the rankings and stay there, you have to know how to write customer- and search engine-friendly content.
But you’re a writer. You shouldn’t have to learn about SEO, keyword mining, pagerank and the robots meta tag. You just want to write quality copy that search engines will like.
That’s why I wrote The Unscary, Real World Guide to SEO Copywriting. In it, you’ll find:

  1. Plain language and understandable explanations about why and how search engines review your writing.
  2. The six rules for successful SEO copywriting.
  3. Guidelines for writing headlines that will attract both search engines and readers.
  4. Rules for writing good link text.
  5. How to create highly relevant ‘clusters’ of content on your site.
  6. Not a single use of the word ‘algorithm’.

The book’s short, sweet and to the point: 30 pages, 6 rules for better SEO copywriting.
You can get it now. It costs $7. That’s, what, one really lousy lunch?

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  1. Alex


    All I need to do now is make sure the designers, developers and writers in my office all read it.
    Wish me luck.

  2. Ian Lurie


    @Alex How did it go…?

  3. Dana


    Ian, purchased your book last week and it has really been so helpful. Easy to read and it makes a lot of sense. I mapped out a bit of a plan based on the information you presented and the way search engines organize your sites content. It really helped me with prioritizing my efforts. Thanks!

  4. Ian,
    Thank you so much for writing the English words
    in plain English. Your hard work is a delight to

  5. Great, concise information. There’s so much hard to understand information out there that’s it’s nice to find this gem.

  6. And remember, if you are a freelance copywriter, you can include SEO in your marketing materials and website.

  7. Shehenela


    I would want to purchase your books but i cant seem to buy them. That is cause of a very obvious reason… Pay pal does not have Pakistan in the list of the countries!
    Please let me know how can i read your books.
    I want to use it for my students. I teach university students.
    Pleased do reply with a solution.

  8. Max


    Good book Ian. I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Ian, would you mind to make more realistic cover image for this e-book? A feeling of physical product (book) will definitely increase the visitor/buyer conversion.

  10. zen


    Nice suggestion. I loved my reading. Thanks.

  11. You must know something about copywriting because I’m going to buy your book now.

  12. E


    Found nothing special in this book
    it’s SEO fundamental basics.
    I really purchase this book because I thought
    that it covers copywriting for internet tips and not SEO tips.

  13. It’s always nice to see someone put some effort into a SEO copyrighting book to help others.
    The good thing with SEO copywriting is that once you get the right system in your head it starts to come very naturally.
    Even my blog post will help Ian’s page as the posts start to create more onpage content.

  14. Jeff


    I like “unscary” – copywriting shouldn’t be scary. Looks like you’ve done a fantastic job.

  15. Hi,
    I’m from the Netherlands where credit cards aren’t as common. Do you have another option to buy your book?
    In Holland we use something called if that helps.
    Look forward hearing from you.

  16. Perfect! – thanks Ian for producing such a valuable and highly relevant eBook.
    I’ve just purchased my copy and will be sharing your approach with my team.

  17. Arleen


    Bought the book on line and when I received the link that the order was confirmed with the link to the download–it won’t download. Anyone else have this problem. Sent an email to appsumo, but haven’t heard anything. Not to happy about this purchase at this point.
    Disappointed that I can’t download the book and no one is responding to my email.
    Just saying!!
    Not going to be “liking” on FB until this is resolved.

  18. Ian


    @Arleen just sent you a copy of the book. Sorry you had trouble!

  19. Hi Ian,
    Sounds like a good investment, have you updated any of the original articles for 2011? If so, have you found any differences in strategy post panda?

  20. John


    Having the same problem. Paid for the book but download button didn’t do anything at all. Really very frustrating.

  21. Ian


    @John sorry about that. Frustrating as hell for me too. I just e-mailed you a copy, and am going to start looking for a replacement for our downloads provider, eJunkie.

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