Stale Linkbait Works Best: How to Totally Ignore your Blog and Still Increase Traffic

Or maybe I should say, the best linkbait never gets stale. Basically, my goal is to assault your blogging worldview and contradict everything you’ve ever heard on the subject-all for a good cause, of course.
In this post, I am going to tell you how to have a decent little blogging career, and even earn some industry panache, all without caving to the industry pressure to eat, sleep and dream in Movable Type.
It is possible, and here’s how I know. When I first started my career as Senior Blogger at Portent’s site in May of 2007, I wrote two posts that would go on to have some impressive star power in the blogosphere. The first, the Bridezilla Hall of Fame, is a humorous mock-apologetic detailing misunderstood bridezillas throughout history. It took me three days to write, which is pretty much tortoise years in the breakneck speed of the blogosphere.
While my competitors wrangled over the digg article d’jour, I was researching historical periods and pop culture lore, surveying my target audience for feedback, and going through arduous revisions to get the tone and verbiage absolutely perfect. When it was done, I did think it was one of the best pieces of copywriting I’d ever done, but I figured it would enjoy a nice blossom of traffic at site launch and then be buried in the graveyard of posts-past once fresher fare was served up.
But this wasn’t the case. Today, the Bridezilla Hall of Fame remains the single most-read blog post on the site, boasting 1,346 views over the next closest category’s 948 views. In addition to top billing for long-term traffic, this post has been excerpted extensively by other bloggers and a publisher has contacted me about publishing the piece in a wedding anthology coming out this fall.
The other piece I wrote at this time was linked today on NBC. This is even more stunning since the post has long been buried in Bridezilla’s very hostile archives and does not enjoy the same front page exposure as the Bridezilla Hall of Fame.
The main point is that I wrote both these pieces almost a year ago and then basically forgot about them (no recent linkbaiting, no new social marketing efforts).
So go ahead, go enjoy your Saturday night, or if you do stay in blogging, do it out of inspiration, not desperation. Any audience that will forget you after a day was too fickle to worry about in the first place, and it’s a slippery slope to blogging on your Blackberry in a bathroom stall.
Jade is Portent’s creative lead and heads up our search engine optimization team’s copywriting efforts.

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  1. I eat, sleep and dream Movable Type and all that has happened to me is minor hair loss. And an ulcer.
    And my left arm tingles whenever it rains now.

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