A New Look for Portent Interactive

Ian Lurie Feb 19 2008

We just launched a new look for my company, Portent Interactive.
I lost the battle to keep my picture the hell off the site. I did win the typographical battle though, so we opted for a larger typeface.
We’ve also added a (gasp) blog where the Portent team can dwell on everything from design to PPC to my unusual taste in desk paraphenalia (currently including model Mark VI Viper, a little wind-up spring loaded thing that skitters around my desk like a spastic squirrel, and a duck tape holder).
Have a look and let me know if you have any feedback.
The New Portent Site

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  1. Ian –
    I love the new site design. The flash banner really gives a personal feel to the company.

  2. Ramin


    The site looks great and it’s nice to see what the members of your team look like. Maybe now we can have the battle of the live Ian on PI and the cartoon Ian on CM. I wonder who will win?

  3. Ian


    Ah, sadly the photo-ian and vector-ian rarely meet…

  4. Ian


    That’s great to hear since it’s just what we were aiming for. Thanks!

  5. Ian
    You should do a post on the website project.
    1. The design process
    2. The content – how long did it take
    3. The cost – how much time did y’all spend on it.
    4. It says Chris did it on Movable Type – that’s neat. Can you do the same for other customers? What cost? Thanks
    Great look BTW.

  6. It’s very nice! Congratulations. I like the personal touch of the photos. Gives you the sense you’re actually dealing with real people, not some anonymous firm!

  7. Susan


    Ian – the site looks great. Nice and clean, and I love the personal touch. Cute baby pic!

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