HTML Basics: Working with lists

Ian Lurie Dec 30 2009

Lessee, so far we’ve talked about creating a basic web page, working with headings and paragraphs, and creating links. On to lists: If you can work with lists in HTML you can make your blog look better than 90% of your competition. Here’s how:

Learn to create ordered and unordered lists, and why you need lists, in this lesson.

Note: This is part of my series on basic HTML, and part of my mission to beautify the blogosphere. If you can learn just the simple stuff, you can create blog posts that look professional. If you don’t bother, your blog posts look like something my cats would write by walking on the keyboard.

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  1. Very good video Ian. I am fairly confident with HTML and working with lists myself, but I still found the video a worthwhile refresher. I’m sure those unfamiliar with HTML will definitely learn quite a bit of useful info on HTML from your videos. Nice work man!
    Brandon Walker

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