Usability Is About The Details

Ian Lurie Jan 13 2007

My firm just re-launched ColdHeat’s web site. The team did an amazing job.

But the most remarkable thing about the site is a bunch of little things that make it a pleasure to use (I can brag like this because I had almost nothing to do with the new design).

My favorite example. Here’s the shopping cart icon:

Shopping cart icon

And here it is if you’ve added something to your cart:

Shopping cart icon - in use

Little things can make a big difference. The folks on the design and implementation team didn’t have to add the glowing icon to indicate something’s in your cart. No one told them to. Nor would I have thought to put it on a requirements list somewhere. But they did it anyway. And it’s one of the little touches that makes this site a true conversation marketing engine, ’cause it just sounds so dang smart.

So a quick ‘huzzah’ for my team…

tags : conversation marketing