17 Conversation Marketing Articles You May Have Missed

Ian Lurie Dec 30 2007

If you’re new to Conversation Marketing, here are a few articles and other writings you might want to review:
5 Must-read Books for Internet Marketers
I have a copy of each, dog-eared and sticky-noted.
65 Ways to Improve Online Sales
I couldn’t come up with 99.
Conversation Marketing, the Book
I published my entire book online. I’m writing version 2, now, with a lot more detail, but this is still a nice introduction to internet marketing strategy. If you’re more of a print person, you can buy a copy here.
Blog Stupidhead Dumb Poop Blog!!!!
Because really, it had to be said.
Clearing Bloggage in 7 Easy Steps
No reason to be ashamed. It happens to everyone.
10 Ways to Grow Your House E-mail List
It’s your best selling resource, by far.
Plagiarism and 5 Ways to Avoid it
We hatessss plagiarisssssm. Hatessss it…
Google Analytics Tutorials, All Together
These video tutorials are for version 1.x, not version 2, but I talk a bit about setup and other stuff that hasn’t changed much.
Creating Personas for Internet Marketing
Knowing your audience is the first step toward entering a good conversation with them. These tutorials walk you through writing and applying personas to real-world internet marketing problems.
6 E-mail Marketing Sins
I can’t believe the American Marketing Association really did this.
10 Must-have Internet Marketing Tools
I still use these almost daily.
5 Reasons PageRank Doesn’t Matter
I’d really love it if Google just did away with this totally misunderstood, basically useless metric.
3 Ways to Commit SEO Suicide
If you want your web site to shuffle off this mortal coil, read on.

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