2 Questions About the Facebook Microsoft Deal

Ian Lurie Oct 25 2007

  1. How will this impact the little guys (like me)? When Google partnered with MySpace, they started running their PPC ads on MySpace, creating instant access for all Adwords advertisers. So far, Microsoft’s cooperation with Facebook has led to ad opportunities with minimum buy amounts of $50k or so. Is this going to change?
  2. Is Facebook going to start showing ads in more places? Otherwise, where will they get the inventory to make their implicit $15 billion valuation make sense?

Anybody? Bueller…?

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  1. I don’t think you meant Google BOUGHT MySpace, did you? News Corp. owns MySpace, and Google has exclusivity on handling the ads. I was thinking this was why Microsoft sank its dollars into Facebook. Perhaps they have their hearts set on Facebook’s open application framework. 2 cents.

  2. ian


    I am clearly suffering from some kind of hellish blogging disease, having flubbed my last three posts.
    Thanks for pointing this one out.

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