3 Reasons Marketing And Sales are the Same

Ian Lurie Jun 8 2007

THAT got your attention, I’ll bet. Even as I write this, salespeople are loading their cars up with food, water and weapons to come and find me at my office. Marketers are writing angry letters.

Put down your pens. And gasoline is too expensive. Hear me out.

Jeremiah had a great post regarding how marketing and sales are different. But online, they’re so intertwined that you’ll separate them at your peril. So, 5 reasons you should treat them as a single entity:

  1. Your internet marketing campaign is your marketing strategy and your selling floor, all at once. How your web site looks will impact your branding and marketing message. It will also affect sales, assuming you have a clear call to action on your site.
  2. Online, marketers and sellers have access to the same information about visitor behavior. At least, they’d better, because
  3. Online, the marketing channel feeds directly to the sales channel, or exists in the same space. In the traditional world, marketing built an ambient pitch for the product or service through media. Then sales went out and did the dirty work. But on the internet, marketing can hand leads directly to the sales team and let them do their magic.

Yet so few companies I work with actually make that connection. Sales stays in their corner, muttering at marketing’s glamour. Marketing sniffs at sales, maligning their lack of creativity.


Figure out a way to work together and the results are pretty amazing, like a company that triples its lead flow and improves its conversion rate at the same time (true story).

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