3 Ways To Prepare for YouTube Video Ads

Ian Lurie Apr 27 2007

Looks like Google will be introducing YouTube ads in the next few months. The model will likely share revenue with the video creators.

Assuming that’s the case, what’s the impact? If you’re a content creator who uses YouTube, what can you do to capitalize?

  1. First, read up. The RedHerring article suggests Google will put very short ads before each video, with a longer one after. I’m sure more information will come out soon, too: Subscribe to a blogsearch on the topic and stay on the ball.
  2. Plan Commercial Breaks. Studies show that an ad before a video is a loser, but an ad between videos tends to gain acceptance. Break your video up into multiple shorter segments, so that the ads at the end act as the ‘commercial breaks’.
  3. Prepare commercial-free versions. Be ready to deliver commercial-free content on your own, either for a premium charge or for free. YouTube dominates the internet video space right now. If they start advertising in videos, you can bet that commercial-free content will become a treat. If you need a service that delivers commercial free and allows ‘rental’ fees, try Veoh.

It’s tough to tell what the impact of YouTube ads will be – but YouTube is the 4th-busiest site on the web (according to Alexa). That’s a lot of potential revenue for YouTube, and for content creators…

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