5 Social Media Things Barack Obama Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW

Ian Lurie Aug 29 2008

senatorobamaYo, Barack. Loved the speech. I’ve got a little advice:

  1. Since you’re worried (I’m sure you are) about conservative Democrats fleeing to McCain, why not Digg and otherwise promote any and all stories about his new running mate’s uber-conservative political views? If those stories move up on Digg, they’ll get more attention. Then they’ll move up elsewhere. A Google search on creationism already displays a news article about her. Keep up the momentum.
  2. Boost visibility of discussions about unhappy conservatives. Take a page from McCain’s book. Link to the Daily Kos’ survey of GOP members talking about the ticket.
  3. Buy the keywords ‘sarah palin’ and ‘creationism’ and point them at a page that links out to stories about her that’ll help you.
  4. Start getting McCain’s voting record out there in the blogosphere and Digg up those stories, too. You can do this. You’re the best grass-roots organizer in decades.
  5. Set up an alert that’ll show you when the McCain campaign buys pay per click ads around you and terms related to you. Trust me, they’re clever buggers. They’re doing it.

GO. Get going! You’ve got about a 4-hour window to make this happen. Social media moves fast…
I’m being even-handed. See also 5 Social Media Things John McCain should be doing RIGHT NOW.

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