5 Social Media Things John McCain Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW

Ian Lurie Aug 29 2008

Hi Senator. Not a fan, but I am an admirer. Please don’t hate me if I don’t vote for you this November.
I do have some advice for you, though. Events are catching up to you online, fast. In the last hour I’ve watched stories about your running mate sink into the blogging world, and watched bloggers latch onto them like rabid schnauzers.
So, go do a few things asap:

  1. Buy the word ‘creationism’ in Google Adwords. Point it at a page that explains Sarah Palin’s views, and why they won’t mean a Federal mandate (or will, if you prefer) to teach creation in public schools.
  2. Bid more on Sarah Palin’s name, and misspellings of her name, in pay per click on all three major search engines.
  3. Get onto Digg, Reddit and other major social news portals and start putting in your own comments and stories about this election. In the last few hours the Democrats have taken a huge chunk out of your campaign on these sites. It’s not just a little thing. It could hang around. Remember the Swift Boaters?
  4. Seed articles onto blogs (I’m sure you have blogger allies) about your strong points – experience, foreign policy, etc. – and then promote those stories via the social news sites.
  5. Contact your base. Get them mobilized online over the weekend. It’s a 3-day weekend, so this is your chance to take back some online turf before your convention.

If you don’t do any of these things, I won’t be too disappointed, I swear…
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  1. Erika


    “Not a fan, but I am an admirer. Please don’t hate me if I don’t vote for you this November.”
    Always knew you were a good man. :)

  2. Jim


    It’s true the net is a breading ground for far lefties. Luckily John has picked someone with content and character, which will win out over all this fluffy stuff.

  3. Or, you could send all this info to Obama’s camp and have all the links lead to info that’s less than helpful to McCain’s campaign.

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