59 Things Webinar, October 16th – Sign Ups Open

Ian Lurie Oct 3 2008

Note: Webinar cancelled – more info here.
I’m starting a webinar series on internet marketing. For lack of a great, clever name, I’m calling it my Internet Marketing Webinars.

Webinar 1: 59 Things You Should Be Doing

The first one will be based on my 59 Things list. I’ll go into more detail on the key list items, and take questions about the list.
Topics will include:

  • Creating a friendly 404 error page for your site.
  • Basic changes for better SEO.
  • 3 changes that will get you more sales.

At the end of the webinar you’ll have a clear set of action items to help your internet business or organization web site do better.

The Details

Note: Webinar cancelled – more info here.

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  1. Jonathan


    Hey Ian,
    Is it $75 for all 59 webinars, or $75 for each webinar?
    75 x 59 = over $4000 :)
    Just making sure….

  2. Ian


    @Jonathan Actually there’s ONE webinar, reviewing the entire 59 Things list,for $75.
    Although that’s an awesome idea. I could make a lot more money that way :)

  3. Hello-
    Okay, I give up. I have clicked on just about everything I could see, trying to sign up for the webinar and pay you money. What’s the trick? Where’s the easy-to-follow “Spend your money here” link?
    And you won’t mind if I take some of your advice about user-interface, carts and whatnot with a grain of salt, will you?

  4. Ian


    @Perry if you’d read the post you’d see the bolded note at the top saying it’s been canceled.

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