5 Ways Internet Marketing is Like Chocolate

Ian Lurie Sep 10 2007


If you stop, you’ll be sad.
You can’t stop eating chocolate, right? I know I can’t.

You don’t want to stop your internet marketing campaign, either. You’re never ‘done’ – you continue your campaign so that you continue your good search rankings, high conversion rates and ROI.

Buy cheap, end up with a bad aftertaste.
Ever bite into chocolate bar and think you were eating wax?

Ever go with the low bidder because they promised ‘top 10 rankings within 2 weeks for $99.95’? Nuff said.

Quality ingredients make a better result.
Good sugar, real cocoa, etc. make good chocolate. Cocoa beans that look and smell like they’ve traveled the globe twice, been partly chewed and then spat out make bad chocolate.

Well, unethical search marketing, poor web analytics and an unusable web site will leave you with an equally upset stomach.

It can have side effects.
Chocolate, eaten in small quantities daily, can provide a happy glow. It may even have some good stuff in it that you need. Or not. Replace other foods with it, though, and it can also make you fat, or make your face break out.

Internet marketing can boost sales and help your company grow by leaps and bounds. But don’t expect it to make up for bad internal processes, manufacturing problems or a bad product.

It’s An Investment
To support my chocolate habit, I pay about $2/day in chocolate consumption fees. I also exercise, and keep other junk foods to a minimum. That way, if I do happen to wolf down 2 pieces of homemade brownies now and again, I can handle it.

If you’re going to run an internet marketing campaign, be ready to invest hard cash. And keep the rest of your company healthy, too, so that you can have those occasional sales binges.

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  1. reash


    The chocolate makes me run into my fridge. They look so yummy.
    Anyways, you are right, internet marketing is like eating a chocolate. You have to be very careful because it has advantages and disadvantages.

  2. Carl


    Great analogy!
    Cited in analogies and metaphors.

  3. Ian


    Especially if you can eat them whilst studying.

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