5 Ways to Get to the Point

Ian Lurie Jun 18 2007

Contrary to popular belief, good internet marketing gets to the point. So, 5 ways to do just that:

  1. Write clearly. Do not write stuff like ‘Our technical knowledge and process lead initiatives enable us to deliver high quality products to our clients…’. What does that mean exactly?
  2. Don’t make someone click if you don’t have to. Why not put your product’s price on your home page?
  3. If you sell something, say so. It’s ok, really, to say ‘Order Now’ or ‘Order Online’ or even ‘Buy Now’.
  4. Don’t make someone register for that demo or white paper if you don’t have to. You think it’s only a lead if you can call and hassle them? Wrong. It’s a lead if they’re thinking about you.
  5. Use graphics that mean something. Don’t use photos, colors, boxes, etc. just because you think they’re cool. Trust me on this.
tags : conversation marketing