A 3-sentence internet marketing definition

Ian Lurie Dec 1 2011

After my post yesterday, I realized I need to come up with some nice, concise definitions for what we do at Portent.

Here’s my first try:

Internet Marketing, defined in 3 sentences

Internet marketing does three things. A good digital campaign:

  1. Improves visibility through SEO, paid search, social media and any other relevant vehicles.
  2. Builds lists of people who ‘opt in’ — in the form of a Facebook like, or a newsletter signup, or something else — because they found you through a search engine, social media or other vehicles.
  3. Increases conversion by always improving a person’s experience between one visit and the next.

In case you’re wondering, it took me about 2 hours to write these three sentences, compared to 1 hour for my normal 800-word diatribe.

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  1. It’s amazing how much harder it is to edit than it is to just rant.

    I like the definition, but did you think about something specifically tied to revenue or making clients more money? I guess the lists point of course leads to more revenue.

    I have an internet marketing buddy and he always says, “How will this make me more money” whenever I pitch him something.

  2. The simple things take the most time. Easy to understand that this three liner took more time. But it’s worth it.

    Though i can’t comply with point two. Is it really the list thing? For me it’s more about forcing engagement or interaction. Don’t know.

    Great post anyways! Philosophic/meta content keeps me always reading :)

    • Ian Lurie


      I don’t like ‘forcing’ engagement or interaction if I can avoid it. But really a Facebook follow, or a blog subscription, or whatever, is a form of interaction too.

  3. Jenn


    If you used those three sentences to explain what you do to my Brother and he got it, then you’re good!

  4. Matt


    fancy words always cost more than plain ones, even though the plain ones are more valuable

    i’m biased, but love #3!

    • Ian Lurie


      I’m not that surprised :)

  5. I can define Internet Marketing in 2 sentences:

    1) Attracting new people to know you through Internet.
    2) Make people who know you stay engaged with you.

    By “you” I mean literally you or a company.
    By “people” I mean not only loyal or potential clients, but also partners, investors etc.
    How do you like this definition? -)

  6. What really resonates with me about this definition is the recognition that it isn’t just about social media. We need all media and social is just one thread of that fabric.

    It is always harder to edit for simplicity. Love to see you try to reduce to haiku form ;) Or even into a tweet.

  7. Chris


    Gathering data and using analytics to profile your current and potential audience to figure out what they want and giving it to them.

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