A (very) Brief Rant

Ian Lurie Jun 5 2006

Three terms that make my right eye twitch:

Web 2.0 isn’t. Someone building a ‘web 2.0’ web site is building a better web site. It’s not some sea change in how web sites work.

A blog is not a revolution in internet technology. Blogging software is just a form of content management.

Viral marketing is just marketing that works. It’s not injected, sprayed into the air or otherwise magical. It’s just a piece of marketing that gets passed around. And it’s not just an internet thing, either.

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  1. Ian, I agree that blogging software is just a form of content management. However, I think that the fact this software can now be put into the hands of so many internet users so easily is a revolution.

  2. ian


    Very true. Blogs are highly evolved content management systems. My teeth only start grinding when I hear folks refer to blogs as a distinct technology.

  3. YESSS!!!! Oy! Finally, a guy who REALLY gets it. Amen, brother. There is waaaaaay too much hype around all three of these things. Blog = CMS. Nobody (but you) gets that. Simple. Web 2.0 is just so much hot air. And nothing is going to get to ‘2.0’ without Bandwidth 2.0 to support it on the back end anyway!! And, yes, VIRAL marketing is about as dumb a term as VIRAL football. If the football MOVES, that’s a game. If it doesn’t… well, it’s half-time!! Thanks for the sigh of relief on these three items.
    — David

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