Age of Conversation 3: I’m in it

Ian Lurie May 21 2010

Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton have once again put together an Age of Conversation book. 170 marketing thinkers contributed their advice, tips and thoughts about getting to work and growing your business.
In case you don’t know the Age of Conversation concept: Each contributor writes their thoughts in a one-page piece. Each page stands nicely on its own, but you get 170 of them all in one book.
I read the first two Age of Conversation volumes, and just finished this one. It’s packed with great advice, and some interesting what-if stuff. I compare it to hearing a really good talk at a conference: You walk away with 100 new ideas, and you’re scrambling to write them all down.
And, this time around, I’m one of the contributors, which is super-flattering (and a bit intimidating).
You can buy the book on

Proceeds go to an international children’s charity, by the way. I am totally forgetting the specific charity, having a senior moment.
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