An Internet Marketing Refresher

Ian Lurie Aug 21 2007

Every now and then it’s good to do a quick refresher. Especially after you’ve been writing proposals all day and don’t have two brain cells to rub together. So, here goes – Conversation Marketing’s Greatest Hits:


Google Analytics: Setup and 5 other Tutorials (video)

Google Custom Search Engines: Setup and Configuration (video)

Google Custom Search Engines: Removing Pages In A Few Steps

Business Stuff

How to price Internet Marketing services.

And, going way back, some pointers on analyzing SEO results.


It’s amazing how much stuff you write over a few years. There’s a collection of my favorite internet marketing tools, which hasn’t changed much in spite of all sorts of newfangled stuff. My What’s a Click Worth tool…

I’ve also got several articles about complying with the ADA, like this one. And my occasional rants about silly buzzwords like Web 2.0.

And, finally, some horrifically bad poetry based on Hanukah songs, that leads you to a blogging checklist.

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