Another Term Opportunity Slips Away

Ian Lurie Oct 19 2005

Web Pro News ArticleDang, looks like I missed another chance to coin a trendy term and make millions. Apparently Micropublishing is the new wave in advertising. Apparently that’s using blogs as an advertising vehicle.

Put another way, it’s all about buying ads on lots of small, topical sites and then measuring the return.

What a shock.

Excuse me for ranting for a second, but every marketer knows that’s what we’ve been doing online all along. Sure, folks buy major ads on huge sites like AOL. But you can do very well buying ads on small, niche sites too. Whether that site is a blog or a ‘regular’ web site (whatever that means) seems irrelevant to me. And when blogs are long gone as a separate entity on the web, the strategy will still be a vialbe one.
OK, end of rant…

The article, by the way, is on Click here to read it.

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