Bad Chicken and Careless Marketing

Ian Lurie May 13 2009

I had chicken for dinner last night. The chicken won. Or at least, that seems to be the case. I’m recovering from an 18-hour bout with my own insides, and will leave it at that.

Careless marketing is sort of like bad chicken. It crouches, waiting patiently, looking all innocent. Then the next thing you know, bang someone sees a crappy error message like this one and realizes your company is actually a bunch of careless nubwits. Which of course means the hard drive I bought from you may be made by the same nubwits:
The message: Everything is marketing. While every piece of chicken on earth isn’t out to get me, I may not be able to look at chicken for a while. And, while the guy who wrote the error message for this disk company may have nothing to do with the people who make the drives, I will think twice about using their products in the future.
Everything is marketing! Your shopping cart, your product, the ‘about us’ page on your web site, and the guy who answers the phone in customer support.
I’m off to eat a meal of Saltines and ginger ale…

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  1. Like this take mainly because it is so accurate. Everyone and everything is tied to marketing in some way. The chicken point is a really cool way to think about this idea in a concrete manner. Sharing now :).

  2. The same thing could be said of your brand–it’s all about the experience.
    Nice use of the word “nubwit,” BTW.
    And try some ginger tea. Grind up some ginger root and steep it in some hot water. More ginger than in ginger ale, and will work wonders for your stomach.

  3. Ian


    @Art Thanks. I went for flat ginger ale and saltines for the morale-building value of ginger ale…

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