Blogging Success: Interview with Chris Furniss of the Weekly Geek Show

Ian Lurie May 8 2007

My first ever podcast!

Chris Furniss works for Portent. He also is co-host and editor of the blog and podcast The Weekly Geek Show.

The site is very successful, so I thought it’d be good to get some pointers from Chris about what exactly it takes to start and grow a blog.

Chris talks about his experience, as well as the hallmarks of successful blogging: Be passionate and patient, and leverage the community. It’s a 15-minute interview filled with great advice. I highly recommend giving it a listen:

Interview with Chris Furniss | mp3 format | 10.8 megabytes | 15 minutes

One of the two mics wasn’t working when we did this interview, so my voice is unfortunately harder to hear. Turn the volume way up after the music and you’ll hear it fine, though.

Note: Chris’s blog is self-supporting now. But that doesn’t have to be your goal. Whether you’re building a blog for your business, for fun, or as a business in itself, his advice is great.

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  1. Chris


    Thanks for the opportunity! It was fun and I hope my advice proves useful for your readers.

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