Book Review: 2008 Landing Page Handbook

Ian Lurie Sep 11 2008

Disclaimer: I’m a Marketing Sherpa Affiliate. I was not paid for this review. But if you buy the book from this link I will get a bit of cash. Pretty please?
I re-read this book every year, and make most of my staff read it (or at least try to) as well.
There are plenty of books out there that talk in broad generalities about internet marketing. They say great stuff like ‘Write great content’ and ‘Offer value to your visitors’.

The Bad

First, this book is HUGE. I would’ve ruptured a disc lifting it if they weren’t already ruptured. Read the whole thing, no matter how daunting it seems.
Second, sometimes it gets almost too specific. The book offers amazing detail (see ‘The Good’, next) but it doesn’t always show you the high-level view.
Unless you’re a marketing geek like me, though, you aren’t going to care.
Finally, it costs $497. It ain’t cheap. But it earns its money, I promise.

The Good

The Landing Page Handbook offers real, actionable advice, including things like:

  • The best positioning of a ‘hero shot’ image.
  • Button colors that get highest conversion rates.
  • Results of multi-variate testing.
  • Best typography and use of bullets.

It’s like a step-by-step course in great landing page design.
I’m not exaggerating – 90% of what I know about creating great landing pages comes from this book.
[ Buy the Landing Page Handbook ]

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