Bragging Modestly: Internet Marketing and PR

Ian Lurie Jul 7 2005

Gentleman silhouetteI’m not one to gloat (hah) but I’ve scored big for a client in the Brag Modestly column, and thought I should point out the whys and hows of it. In short, consider blogs and other online news sources whenever you’re Conversation Marketing. If you want the details, read on.

For those who don’t know, Brag Modestly is one of the tenets of Conversation Marketing – I’ve always said that search engines are the primary driver for modest bragging. But a little attention to blogs paid off big for one of our clients.

The client in question has just launched a new product. I spent some time researching relevant blogs and news sites, and sent a short note to each one regarding the new tool. One blog picked it up, and generated a 100% increase in the day’s sales. That alone pays for the effort, but the long-term gains are even bigger:

First, the product has now been endorsed by one of the major gadget blogs. Other online news outlets are likely to pick up the story.

Second, we have a text link from a major site to our client’s site. That’s great for search engine optimization.

Third, we now know that this particular blog and others like it are a great venue for future marketing campaigns.

This kind of modest bragging is easy:
Find sites relevant to your product or service. Make a list and keep it around.

If they have a ‘Tips’ e-mail address, send them one polite message about that new product or service. Do not harass them. Remember, you’re bragging modestly here.

If they carry your story, say ‘thanks’. Consider purchasing a bit of advertising, too. The web site’s editor just put in a little extra effort to promote you – make sure they know you recognize the benefit you’ve received.

It’s minimal effort on your part, and the results are often significant.

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