Buzz Marketing With Petitions

Hi all. Dean Hunt is a Buzz Marketing expert who kindly offered to do a guest post on the subject. Read on…
So what exactly is Buzz Marketing?
Buzz Marketing is essentially the art of pumping so much emotion into your readers, that they feel the need to shout your message from the nearest rooftop.
Here’s a technique that will generate lotsa buzz that lasts.

Petition Marketing
Petition Marketing is one of the Internet’s most powerful, least used channels. With it, you can generate the kind of traffic that brings servers to their knees.
An Example
Once upon a time there was a socialite by the name of Paris Hilton. Paris seemed to show no respect for the law. One day Paris went to court, where a big powerful man told her that she had to go to prison for 45 days.
Paris was very sad, and she spent many days wandering the land pretending to be a better person. Paris paid lots and lots of money to her lawyers and marketing people, they got together and decided to create a petition called the “Free Paris Hilton Petition” ( 20,000 people gave their support to help prevent Paris from going to the big, nasty, smelly prison.
A few days later, a smart Internet entrepreneur created a petition entitled “Jail Paris Hilton”, he created a website ( the site says “She did the crime, she should do the time!”
People from all over the land agreed with Mr. Entrepreneur, and he got over 60,000 people to support his petition. His website was featured on numerous major news stations, and received millions of hits.
Mr. Smarty Pants Internet Entrepreneur now has a hugely popular website, and the names and email addresses of over 60,000 people. Not bad hey?
What would 60,000 extra subscribers do for your business?
Petitions are a huge publicity machine, but like every marketing technique there is a wrong and a right way to do it.
And there’s a secret: Create a petition with a negative slant.
Have you ever heard the phrase “Bad news travels faster than good news”?
It is true!
People who have a negative experience in a restaurant are likely to tell 5 times more people about it than if they had a great experience.
Don’t believe me? Well watch the national news tonight, and see what % of the stories are bad news. I bet it is 90%+
So to utilize the power of petitions, you need to take advantage of the fact that society is miserable. Harsh, but true. You need to have something with a negative slant. I believe this is why the “Jail Paris Hilton” website is so successful. People like to register their negative opinions about everything from sports to airlines. Let them vent.
We are becoming a world of armchair critics.
So feed that desire and find a negative slant.
Petitions are free and simple. Simply type “online petitions” into Google and you will see loads of free options. I use but there are loads to choose from.
Dean runs his own blog at You can contact him via e-mail at [email protected].

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  1. Oooh, good tips! While I think that filling out an online petition is like yelling into a paper bag, capitalizing on the mob mentality of the internet through online petitions is a great idea. I’m gonna try it.

  2. Hi Dean, my Google alert brought your post to my attention and I’m glad it did. Interesting stuff, unusual idea… but unusual is what’s needed nowadays to get people’s attention. Thanks for a good read!

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