Call to action matters: Site Review #4

Ian Lurie Sep 25 2009

This week we review I focus in particular on the call to action, with a light sprinkling of SEO at the end:

Call to action: CM Site review #4 from ian lurie on Vimeo.

tags : conversation marketing


  1. Marcus


    Great videos, Ian. I really like your site. Keep up the good work! :D

  2. joe


    First off, love the site reviews. Keep them coming.
    I’ve never used one of the sliders, but was considering testing it. I do see your point about it being distracting for this page. Have you tested it on pages with goals that might be different than this one…like selling products? Or with sides that have a more call to action theme to them?
    Also, what tool were you using to show the header tags on the page.
    Thanks for another great post,

  3. Ian


    @joe Any time you put that much motion on the page I think you’re asking for trouble. It’s just too much.
    I’m using the Firefox plugin Web Developer’s Toolbar.

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