Clueless in Congress

Ian Lurie Jul 3 2006

These comments were made by Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) regarding Net Neutrality last week.

I know it runs counter to the USA’s current approach to political issues, but Senator, please try to know what you’re talking about before you speak. You got “sent an internet”


If you’re reading this, note that I’m not commenting on the concept of Net Neutrality. Please go out and read up on it on your own, and make your own decision.

But realize that the folks who are currently deciding how net neutrality will shake out don’t even know what ‘an internet’ IS.

Educate yourselves. Learn about it. Then demand the same from your legislators.

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  1. Frodo


    They come off as the same brand of crazy when discussing video games. Jon Stewart put it best when he said “The House of Representatives is full of insane jackasses”

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