Conversation Marketing Applied

Ian Lurie Jun 16 2006

I literally took a page from my own book today, and made some changes to the Conversation Marketing book sales page.

Included: A more landing-page, ‘above the fold’ call to action (order online), and a clearer ‘buy now’ button, as well as a sample chapter.

Looking in the log files for the site, it looked to me like a lot of folks were landing on the main page but then left, not realizing they could order the book right then and there.

How did I know they didn’t just decide not to buy the book? I received several e-mails from visitors asking me when Conversation Marketing would be posted on Amazon.

No sense writing all this stuff down and then ignoring it. I guess now we’ll see if this whole internet marketing thing really works.

And yes, you can order it directly from me, online. click here.

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  1. Steve


    Will you please post your results from the change?

  2. ian


    Hi Steve,
    So far, no big increase in traffic, so it’s hard to tell, but I have generated about twice the conversion rate since I made the change.

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