Conversational Marketing = Conversation Marketing

Ian Lurie Jan 18 2008

I admit it. This is a blatant attempt to clever stratagem brilliant marketing move to manipulate the search engines by writing about the phrase ‘Conversational Marketing’.

I would never really do such a thing. I am only joking. I swear.

Of course, I usually write about ‘Conversation Marketing’. But since Jack Meyers is writing about it as Conversational Marketing, and there are scads of folks writing about it using the -al I’m bowing to the herd.
To me, at least, they’re basically the same thing: The idea, taken from the Cluetrain Manifesto, that all markets are conversations. I started writing about it in 2002.
So, one last time: Conversation Marketing = Conversational Marketing. Honest.
Matt Cutts, have mercy on me. I’m just working on my brand a bit.

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  1. *Shakes Head* Ian, Ian, Ian…
    Never equate your awesome idea with an inferior, similarly-named trend. =P

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