Copywriting Tip: Write A Proposal

Ian Lurie Aug 22 2007

I am a writer at heart (aren’t most marketers?).

When I’m really stumped for sales copy on any topic, I write a proposal. Doesn’t matter if I actually need a proposal. I write one, regardless.

Most people don’t enjoy making a sales pitch. Somehow, though, the proposal gives you an ‘out’: It’s supposed to be a sales pitch. So it’s OK.

That’s how I wrote the copy on my consulting package page – it was a proposal, first.

Try it:

  1. Pick a potential client, or someone you’d like to be a potential client.
  2. Write them a proposal.
  3. Set it aside for a while.
  4. Cut and paste into the web site/blog/landing page/newsletter/magazine ad that’s causing writer’s block.
  5. Edit as needed.
tags : conversation marketing